Jessica’s cherry notes

Why do you love Aussie cherries?

I absolutely adore cherries because they’re a great healthy snack, packed with antioxidants and nutrients, but mostly I love them because they’re so tasty!

What is your favourite way to eat cherries?

I really enjoy snacking on fresh cherries so taking a bag of them down to the beach on a bright summer’s day and picking at them all afternoon is just heaven! Freezing some pitted cherries and then taking them with you to the beach in a cooler is also a great way to snack on cherries – they are like little ice blocks!

Do you have any special cherry memories?

Mum would buy cherries for the family every summer and the first bag of the season was always the most prized! But every time Mum would bring some home, I had to make sure I got in quick before my brother Tom got his hands on them as he would always try and scoff them all before anyone else got a chance to taste them! Needless to say, we love our cherries in the Watson family.

What cherry-inspired dish are you most proud of?

I’m quite a proud of the pavlova I can make – it’s Grannie’s recipe and really quite simple. Of course no pavlova is complete without piles of fresh fruit. A pavlova is all about presentation so the brighter the better. Cherries are perfect for this!

Do you have some tips for staying fit and healthy over summer?

Being a sailor of course means spending a lot of time outdoors and working hard. After a long day out in the fresh air and on the water I always get a bad case of the munchies, so my first tip would be to always have a great healthy snack on hand, like cherries, so you’re not tempted by something that isn’t so good for you. It’s also important to find forms of exercise that you really enjoy, because that way it won’t feel like work. I love going for a jog on the beach because it doesn’t feel like work at all! Exercising with friends is always fun too. I love doing my work-out with my team members – we all give either other so much encouragement.

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