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Food with Michelle Reedy

Source: Who, 25th February 2013, p1

Easy Black Forest Cake

Source: Coles, January-February 2013, p1

The Ripe Stuff

Source: Men’s Health, January 2013, p26

Eat this now, Sweet Cherries

Source: Runners World, January 2013, p44

Season Spotlight Cherries

Source: Scoop, January 2013, p199

Five minutes with Charlotte Dawson

Source: Weight Watchers, January 2013, p9

Your Cleverest Christmas Ever!

Source: That’s Life, 19th December 2012, pg3

Fussy Guests sorted

Source: New Food Ideas, 10th December 2012, pg1

Kitchen Secrets with Kate McGhie

Source: Herald Sun, 8th December, 2012, p2

Ecstatic with the fruits of their labour

Source: Daily Telegraph, 27th December, 2011, p24

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